TK10529 NP205 8 Bolt Hourglass Input Gasket


TK10529 Large Bore NP205 Transfer Case to Adapter Gasket is a Precision-Thickness, Original Equipment Spec Gasket that fits between the front of your transfer case and the back of the factory transmission to transfer case adapter. TK10529 fits 1989-1993 Dodge Cummins Diesel trucks with 5 speed transmissions and Chevy or GMC trucks with the 32 Spline Turbo 400 or 700R4 automatic transmissions with the hourglass front adapter up to 1984. Gasket is sized to clear the large-bore input bearing found on these applications. Made in U.S.A.
NP205 Applications that use TK10529 Gasket Include:
29 Spline: 1989 to 1993 Dodge with the Cummins Diesel Engine and 5 Speed Manual Transmission
32 Spline: 1973 to 1984 Chevy or GMC with Turbo 400 Automatic Transmissions

NP205 Large Bore Adapter Gasket
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tech note

The NP205 Transfer Case was designed to have paper gaskets of specific thicknesses between mating parts. This gasket is a fairly thick gasket. The precise thickness of this gasket ensure there is adequate clearance between the adapter and transfer case input bearing. Also, on Dodge applications, the thickness of the two adapter gaskets insures the snap ring in the center of the female splined coupler will not be jammed between the transmission output shaft and transfer case input shaft, a condition that can lead to input bearing failure. Do not substitute chemical sealers such as RTV for paper gaskets on any NP205 mating parts except for the PTO cover.

tech note

TK10529 Hourglass Adapter Gasket does NOT fit Dodge 23 spline or GM 10 spline or 27 spline NP205 Transfer Cases which have Small Bore Input Bearings. For these applications, see TK10516.