TK10661, TK10661U, QU50339 New Process NP205 Sliding Clutch Ring



Sliding Clutch Collar Rings for New Process NP205 Transfer Cases will replace either clutch collar in your standard (non-synchronized) Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, or IHC NP205 transfer case. The leading edge of the teeth on the original collars are often worn from forcing the transfer case into gear. Note: Will not replace the special front output collar found in 1982-1984 GM synchronized NP205 cases.

TK10661 is a USA Made, high-quality, heat-treated Genuine Original Equipment NPG part that is the best choice for Cummins Diesel or high-performance gasoline NP205 transfer cases. LIMITED SUPPLY!

TK10661U Used Sliding Clutch Collar Ring for NP205

QU50339 is an aftermarket import, good quality, heat-treated sliding clutch suitable for most stock or mild performance applications.

USA Made Genuine New Process Gear NP205 Sliding Clutch

Very Limited Supply!

This Item has Been Discontinued and is no longer available. There is no exact superseding or replacement part.

USED Sliding Clutch

This is a USED Item.
It is a good, serviceable part, but it will show evidence of use and may need cleaning or polishing before installation.
It is sold as-is. This item is non-returnable after 30 days.

* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

Imported Aftermarket NP205 Sliding Clutch
* Kits made up of multiple items may not show an inventory in-stock status but are almost always in stock!

tech note

All New Process NP205 Transfer Cases EXCEPT 1982-1985 GM synchronized NP205 Transfer Cases use two of these Sliding Clutches, one on each output shaft. 1982-1985 GM synchronized NP205 Transfer Cases use one of these Sliding Clutches on the rear output shaft and a QU50192 Synchronizer on the front output shaft.

tech note

Optional Matching Parts for TK10661 or QU50339 are:
TK20107 Front Output High Gear
TK10859 Low Gear
QU50345 32 Spine Front Output Shaft
TK50084 32 Spline Rear Output Shaft
TK10666 OE Shift Fork (USA)
QU50338AM Aftermarket Shift Fork (Import)
QU50162 Small Size Case Plug for Early NP205 models
QU50224 Large Case Plug for Mid to Late Production NP205
QK2061 Small Parts Kit

tech note

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Chevy and GMC:
1969-1991 All Input Shaft to Rear Output Shaft
1969-1981 All Front Output Shaft
1982-1987 Non-Synchronized Front Output Shaft
1988-1991 All Front Output Shaft

1969-1974 All W100, W200, W300
1980-1993 All W350
1989-1993 W250 with Cummins Diesel Engine

1973-1979 F100, F150, F250 with NP205 Transfer Case
1978-1979 Bronco with NP205 Transfer Case
1979 F350 with NP205 Transfer Case

1969-1975 Pickup and Full-Size Travelall