TK4033 Front Axle Service Kit for GM 10 Bolt Front Axles

TK4033 Torque King® GM 10 Bolt Front Axle Service Preventative Maintenance Kit. From the mid 1970's to the turn of the 21st century, our bread and butter work was doing preventative maintenance jobs on 4x4 front axles with serviceable wheel bearings. Every GM 10 Bolt Front Axle Service included cleaning, inspection, and reassembly of the brakes, wheel bearings, spindles, and axle shafts, plus pulling the diff cover, inspecting the gears and replacing the fluid. In addition, we were checking the Ball Joints and other front end parts for wear or damage. Doing a Front Axle Service on your truck is the best way to find problems before they get serious. By cleaning and inspecting all the components you can see and correct issues such as leaking inner axle shaft seals, rusty u-joints, worn bearings, etc. in the early stages. During reassembly, we installed new spindle seals, spindle bearings, wheel seals, coated the spindle and knuckle mating surfaces with anti-seize, applied threadlocker to the 6 new nuts holding each spindle to the knuckle, lubricated the brake caliper mounting hardware with disc brake lube, and resealed the diff with a new cover gasket. Now, with the TK4033 Kit you can do your own GM 10 Bolt Front Axle Service using the same components we use.

GM 10 Bolt Front Axle Preventative Maintenance Kit
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tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 1:
When performing your Front Axle Service, you are cleaning and lubricating, plus looking for wear/damage issues with hard parts. The most common axle hard parts we replaced in order of frequency on GM 10 Bolt Front Axles were: Spindle Bearings (QK4734 ), Axle Shaft U-Joints (TK40712, QU90007, QU40754 ), Wheel Bearings (See our GM 10 Bolt Web Page Wheel Bearing Choices), Ball Joints (QU40187 ), QU40055 Inner Axle Shaft Oil Seals, and QU40058 Outer Axle Shaft Slinger
tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 2:
TK4033 Front Axle Service Kit includes:
QU30104 Differential Cover Gasket
2 QU40228 Small Spindle Bearing and Seal Kits
2 QU50091 Wheel Seals
12 QU95035 Spindle to Knuckle Retaining Nuts, USA made Class C Locknut
S9975 Anti-Seize Compound
S20356 Disc Brake Lube
S24200 Threadlocker,
QT9404 Brush (for applying anti-seize)
Due to the variety of Lockout Hubs found on these older trucks, we do not include Lockout Hub Seals with this Kit. See our GM 10 Bolt Hub Section for available lockout hub parts
tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 3:
Using quality lubricants is critical for long component life. Since most people have their favorite lubricants on hand, we do not include oil and grease in this Kit. As lubricants have evolved since the 1970s, so has our selection of oil and grease we use for Front Axle Service jobs. Currently our chassis and wheel bearing grease of choice is Pyroplex Protection ES Synthetic Grease and the gear lube we use in the GM 10 bolt front axle is 75w90 synthetic gear oil
tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 4:
I like to apply a very THIN film of RTV sealant to both sides of the Diff Gasket. My preferred sealant is optional S82194 Ultra Gray RTV
tech note
Dan the Gear Man Tech® Note 5:
Common Tools you may need include: Spindle Nut Socket (QT1012, QT1025 ), Spindle Puller (QT1023, QT1024 ), Wheel Bearing Packer (QT5500 ), and Wheel Seal Installer (QT1504 )


Chevy and GMC:
1977.5-1980 Full Size Blazer, Jimmy with GM 10 Bolt Front Axle
1977.5-1979 K10/K15 1/2 Ton Suburban and Truck with GM 10 Bolt Front Axle
1977.5-1979 K20/K25 3/4 Ton Suburban and Truck with GM 10 Bolt Front Axle
1980-1991 Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban
1980-1987 K10/K15/K1500/V1500 1/2 Ton 4x4 Truck
1980-1987 K20/K25/K2500/V2500 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck