TK8361 GM 14 Bolt Rear Wheel Bearing and Seal Kit

TK8361 Torque King® Rear Wheel Bearing Kits for 2001 to 2010 GM 14 Bolt 10.5" Full Float Rear Axles Replace those pitted, worn out rear wheel bearings on your 2001-2010 3/4 or 1 Ton with the 14 bolt full-float rear axle. TK8361 includes 4 Timken® Bearings with Cups, 2 Oil Bath Wheel Seals, 2 Axle Shaft Flange Gaskets, and Threadlocker for the axle shaft flange bolts. See Tech Note 2 for Tool recommendations.
TK8310 Includes:
2 QU30102 Oil Bath Inner Wheel Seal
2 QU50396 Inner Wheel Bearing Cup + 2 QU50399 Inner Wheel Bearing
2 QU50411 Outer Wheel Bearing Cup + 2 QU50412 Outer Wheel Bearing
2 QU30108 Axle Shaft Flange Gaskets
1 S24200 Threadlocker for the Axle Shaft Bolts
Torque King® Rear Wheel Bearing Kit for 2001-2010 14 Bolt
Use QK8012
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tech note
Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 1:
QU30102 Wheel Seal is an oil bath type Seal in which the outer part of the seal which is fixed in the hub rotates around the inner part of the seal which is fixed on the spindle. This type of seal can be easily damaged by using makeshift tools during installation. The use of QT1542 Axle Seal Installer is STRONGLY recommended to prevent inadvertent seal damage during installation
tech note
Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 2:
The GM 14 Bolt Full Floating Rear Axle Hub is designed so the outer wheel bearing and cup are installed from the BACKSIDE of the hub before the inner wheel bearing components are assembled. Therefore, installation of the outer wheel bearing requires three tools (besides a driver handle) instead of one. The flat side of QT1801 Cup Installer is used to drive/press the outer cup in until it clears the snap ring groove. The Snap Ring is then installed in the hub groove with a long reach pliers or snap ring pliers (tool depends upon snap ring type). Next you use a suitable tool to drive/press the cup back against the snap ring. Inner Wheel Bearing and Seal installation is done in the conventional manner.
Tool Recommendations:
QT1542 Wheel Seal Installer
QT1804 Inner Bearing Cup Installer
QT1801 Outer Bearing Cup Installer
QT1101 (1" x14") or QT1119 (1.25" x 14") Driver Handle
QT1025 Spindle Nut Socket
tech note
Dan the Gear Man® Tech Note 3:
Matching Parts for TK8361 Wheel Bearing Kit:
QU30111 Spindle Nut, Single Type
QU30110 Spindle Nut Key
QU30109 Spindle Nut Retainer Ring
QU30112 Hub Snap Ring for Outer Wheel Bearing Cup