TM3000P Driveshaft and Universal Joint Service Manual


TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Service Manual explains in detailed text and with color photographs how to service most 4x4 and 4x2 driveshafts in domestic vehicles built from the 1940s to present. Sixteen chapters totaling 74 pages of technical content cover driveshaft history, inspection, service, exploded views, and more. TM3000 is available in a complete printed hard copy or you can order specific chapters from one or more of our 12 TSB3500 to TSB3511 Tech Service Bulletins.

TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Service Manual Complete driveshaft repair and service manual has over 300 color photographs! Topics include: History, Safety, General Service, Inspection, Driveshaft Removal/Reinstallation, External Snap Ring Service, Internal Snap Ring Service, Double Cardan Constant Velocity Techniques, Center Bearing Replacement, Slip Yoke Service, Exploded Views, Part Descriptions, Identification/Sizing, Torque Specs, Special Tools, and technical subjects such as Balance and Angles. 80 total pages with 74 pages of indispensable information on how to properly service and maintain your driveshafts (also known as propeller shafts).

*See Tech Note 1 for Specific Chapters In Our Tech Service Bulletins

Driveshaft and Universal Joint Service Manual
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We have taken our comprehensive TM3000 Driveshaft and Universal Joint Manual and separated it into 12 Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's). Each TSB is at least 1 complete TM3000 Chapter focused on specific repairs and procedures. Get the service information you need right now to get your rig back on the road. TSB3500 and TSB3511 should be considered a prerequisite for performing driveshaft service as they are essential service information that is applicable to all shaft and joint types.

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Tech Service Bulletins from the TM3000:
TSB3500P History, Joint Types, General Service Methods, Inspection
TSB3501P Driveshaft Removal and Reinstallation
TSB3502P External Snap Ring Single Cardan U-Joint Service
TSB3503SB Spicer Style External Snap Ring Constant Velocity Service
TSB3504P Internal C-Clip Single Cardan Universal Joint Replacement
TSB3505P Saginaw Type Constant Velocity Service
TSB3506P Pressed On Center Bearing Replacement
TSB3507P Driveshaft Slip Yokes
TSB3508P Exploded Views and Parts Guide
TSB3509P Yoke, Joint, and Spline Identification
TSB3510P Vibration, Balance, Angles, Ratings, Run-Out, Torque Specs
TSB3511P Shop Notes, Special Tools

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TM3000 is Printed and Spiral Bound in high quality, full-color printing on 8-1/2" wide x 11" high paper with a clear plastic cover on front and back to open flat right next to you as you work on your driveshaft.