Front Constant Velocity Driveshaft Parts for 1967 to 1978 Chevy and GMC 4x4s
Front CV Driveshaft Parts for 1967-1978 Chevy and GMC 4x4s. Page is under construction! More parts will be added soon!
Driveshaft Identification
Constant Velocity Parts
General Motors used 1310 series Spicer type Double Cardan Front Constant Velocity Driveshafts in full size 4x4s from 1967 to early 1978. The u-joint cup size is 1-1/16" and the overall width of an installed universal joint is 3-7/32".
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QU40755 Greaseable CV Centering Yoke for 1967-1978 Chevy and GMC 4x4s fits all Spicer Type Double Cardan Front CV Driveshafts on 1967-1978 GM 4x4 models.
QU40801 CV Center Yoke for 1967-1978 Chevy and GMC 4x4s is the H shaped double yoke that joins your CV joint's inner and outer universal joints.
QU40743 Front Driveshaft CV Centering Ball Kit for 1967-1978 GM front driveshaft Double-Carden Driveshaft Constant Velocity Joints. If your cast iron CV Centering Yoke is in good shape, you can save $$ by just replacing your old Centering Ball and Socket with this Kit.
QU40830 Replacement CV Grease Seal for Chevy, GMC Double-Cardan CV Joint. This part is included in QU40743 Ball Kit and is part of QU40755 CV Centering Yoke.
QU40835 Front Replacement CV Tension Spring for Chevy and GMC 4x4s with Front Double-Cardan CV Joint. This part is included in QU40743 Ball Kit and with QU40755 CV Centering Yoke.
QU40341 CV Splash Shield for 1967-1978 Chevy and GMC CV Joints protects your CV Centering Ball from damaging road splash. Shield is used on your Ball Stud Tube Yoke.
Driveshaft Assemblies
Rebuild Kits, Premium
TK3011 CV Shaft Rebuild Kit, Non Greaseable Kit includes 3 non-greaseable universal joints and a CV ball repair kit.
Rebuild Kits, Standard
QK3008 Greaseable Rebuild Kit for Spicer CV driveshafts includes 3 greaseable Spicer 1310 Series universal joints, greaseable CV centering yoke.
QK3010 CV Shaft Rebuild Kit, Greaseable Kit includes 3 greaseable universal joints and CV ball repair kit.
Slip Stubs
Slip Yokes
Small Parts
Universal Joints
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